Bamboo Roll Fencing

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Last Modified 5/8/2006
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Detail Desc:   Roll Fencing normally is made of bamboo poles of 3/4-inch diameter. Roll Fencing is woven on a machine with copper clad steel wire in five rows and is delivered usually in 8' rolls (though it can be made in any length). It is 6 feet high, but can be cut to less. It can also be made in heights of 7 feet. It has no rails or posts or adornments (unless they are added. Normally installed on wooden rails or strips of wood attached to masonry. If the span between posts is 8 feet or more, it's wise to use 2x6 rails at the top and bottom to avoid sag. Roll Fencing is attached to the rails or support structure with staples that capture the wire and disappear between the bamboo poles. An 8' length weighs about 76 lbs. Roll fencing is produced in Georgia by the Big Bamboo Co. The pictures shown here are Good Neighbor Fencing made from Tonkin cane.

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