Customer Satisfaction Is A Must
These are some our customers and what some have to say!

A Few Clients

Bellagio- Las Vegas, NV
  Beautiful, fresh cut bamboo. Unmatched in beauty...

Cypress Gardens- Florida
Smithsonian Museum of Natural Arts- Washington, DC
   Beautiful material! The torches on the Asian Trail are great! 

Alexandria Zoo- VA

  Ray, the fences are great and we have the plants in the ground. Thank You! L.W. 
"N" Architechs- New York, NY
    No other company could have done what you did so beautifully and quickly....Thanks!

More Big Bamboo Testimonials

Sean in Dallas, TX.

Ray, Thanks for the great fencing! I appreciate the 5 years of great service.

Leatherback Steakhouse- Madeira Beach, Fl.

Great Job! I've gotten hundreds of compliments on the quality bamboo you provided!

Cris- Key West, FL
Ray, Our private island visitors love the bamboo!

Carribean Spice- Macon, GA.

Ray, you guys are the best!

Navalette & Rosalee 

Mike in Atlanta, GA.

Beautiful Black Bamboo. It made our opening a smash!!

Dr. B- Houston, TX.

The entire truckload of plants were in excellant condition.You provide the best bamboo and your products come as promised.

Kim- Canada

Ray- Thanks for the beautiful half rounds. Unique color - we love it...