Welcome to The Big Bamboo Company!
We Grow it, Process it and sell direct to you!

Welcome to The Big Bamboo Company! at www.thebigbamboocompany.com

Big Bamboo Company offers expanded bamboo products and specialized services.

Big Bamboo Company continues to promote and produce the “Good Neighbor Fence”, made in Georgia and shipped throughout the United States and Canada.

Additionally, the Big Bamboo Company has increased its sales of live plants (more that fifty species), design items, such as split (half rounds) bamboo, designer dry kilned bamboo, black bamboo and competitive bamboo flooring prices. 

Our reputation continues to grow and glow as the company that does the “tough” job quickly and professionally, from extremes such as shipping 50 foot live plants to cutting, sizing, cleaning and shipping 50 foot fresh cut, green or dried poles.

We are the “Go-To” company, when it has to be DONE NOW! AND DONE RIGHT!

The Big Bamboo Company has taken the preparations of bamboo products to a level that is unmatched in the industry.   You can contact Ray at his personal email address, 1bgbamboo@aol.com.

Welcome to The Big Bamboo Company! at www.thebigbamboocompany.com

We are able to select the different species from thousands of poles/plants.  We process the design work using total emphasis on clean, concise cuts ……. Making sure the customer has little or almost nothing else to do prior to installation.

With our dry kiln system in place, the bamboo poles can be dried to different color requirements…… followed by a polishing procedure that separates us from all  competition.  Further more, our success in providing ½ rounds (split bamboo) for commercial and residential projects in green, tan, honey and The exotic Black Bamboo is the standard for our industry!

Our vow to send out products that are clean…our investment in non-toxic high pressure cleaning has proven to be helpful to our customers yielding almost total customer satisfaction and thousands of repeat customers.