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Aurea Bamboo Poles at
#1-ABP   Aurea Bamboo Poles
Multi-purposed, great for construction and reasonably priced.
Category: Aurea Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Design at
#7-BD   Bamboo Design
We provide excellent design services for decor and architectural applications.
Category: Decor Bamboo Design
Bamboo Lumber at
#5-BL   Bamboo Lumber
The best selection of poles which can be processed into functional and athetically pleasing products such as 1/2 rounds, 1/4 rounds and slats.
Category: Bamboo Lumber
Bamboo Polishing at
#BS-Pol1   Bamboo Polishing
Our special heat process utilizes temperatures up to 700 degrees to create a beautiful finish on all our Bamboo species.
Category: Bamboo Processing
Bamboo Roll Fencing at
#1-BRF   Bamboo Roll Fencing
Versatile and strong we grow, fabricates and process our bamboo roll fencing with specs exceeding our competition.
Category: Bamboo Roll Fencing
Black Bamboo Poles at
#1-BBP   Black Bamboo Poles
We grow beautiful black bamboo in all sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 1/4 inch diameters. Up to 30 feet in height.
Category: Black Bamboo Poles
Carbonized Flooring at
#FL-pref-1   Carbonized Flooring
Long-lasting, prefinished bamboo flooring, east to install.
Category: Prefinished Bamboo Flooring
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Ceiling Decor at
#D-150   Ceiling Decor
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Category: Decorative Bamboo
Decorative Roof at
#1234   Decorative Roof
This is a short description.
Category: Decorative Bamboo
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Call For Assistance  1-866-854-0019